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A late, little note...

You all know I took a nasty spill last year and ended up fracturing both legs after 38 years being fracture free. If that wasn’t enough, I took a major financial hit soon after. I won’t go into it, but I lost a major porti

on of my income. Then, in the midst of that…lost my health insurance. I was never able to even go see a doctor (except for the ER) after I fractured. I just got through it the best I could. I got an email one day from the Osteogenesis Foundation about applying for an impact grant. The grant meets certain needs for those of us with Osteogenesis Imperfecta-especially things that insurance doesn’t cover. I never dreamed I would get it, but I did! If all those things had not happened, it would not have been possible for me to get a van. I needed one desperately after the events of last year & after all of those events, it just was not possible. I want to sincerely thank OIF & CBBF for considering what an awful year I had and entrusting me with such an amazing gift. I will pay it forward.

It took me a bit to find just the right van, but not only did I, but made some wonderful friendships in the process. It took a lot of people sacrificing, going above and beyond, to make this happen for me. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You all were an answer to prayer. Margaret Herrington and Ashton at Massey Motors in Malvern helped me more than they could ever know.

My good friends (family), Billy & Leigh Ann, have had the van and been giving it a real spit shine and adjusting things that will work for me. They made it almost brand spanking new again! They too have gone the extra mile with friendship to make sure everything is safe and nice for me. They made me a happy girl!

I am a very blessed and grateful woman today. Those of you who took the time to make phone calls to dealerships, share information, and hit up your friends for me-I can’t thank you enough. Most of all, as a person of faith, I absolutely, unequivocally know this was God. From beginning to end, there was no other explanation for how the events occurred…NO other! These things don’t just happen & I don’t believe in luck! The trouble was transportation. Thanks again to you all! Much love…

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