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  Although it has evolved through the years, I founded the Daydreams & Canvas brand in 2009. As an artist, there is plenty of inspiration living in the Arkansas river valley. I've lived here the majority of my life. I have a cozy studio that was actually my first home as a full fledged adult! Family ties have been a huge influence in my artistic career. Many family members have an appreciation for art in all forms. My Dad taught me to see shape & form at an early age as an artist himself.

  I have a very unique perspective as I was born with a genetic disorder known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. For that reason, I live with the aid of a wheelchair. I've had 82 broken bones, mostly to my lower body, with the most recent being in 2016. I inherited it from my mom, who is sadly, no longer with me. She too suffered many broken bones. She taught me to heal, move forward, & persevere through it all.

  In 2009, a friend, that I hadn't seen in many years, suggested I try art licensing. I didn't know the industry even existed!! I was as green as the Spring grass! But, I was hooked the first time I saw my art at a major retailer. There is no going back. It has become a calling for me. I am grateful to that friend to this day. It completely changed my life. I have learned the industry inside and out since that time. I especially appreciate the relationships I've had in the industry, as well as the consumer base that has an appreciation for my work and the products it is on. 

  My hope is to continue to maintain the growth of the Daydreams & Canvas brand & add staff along the way. Having Julie LaDow of MainLine Art & Design representing me to fulfill that goal is a beginning of it all. They are a true blessing to work with!

  With all that said, HERE IS TO THE FUTURE!

Sheri Hart, The Painter of Dreams®

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