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A leaky studio, some solitude, & a successful Surtex

Julie & Jillian LaDow of MainLine Art & Desgin with customers at Surtex

Julie & Jillian LaDow with customers at Surtex, May 2017


I hope anyone out there reading this had a much less hectic week than I did. I really do. I have been a horrible complainer for the past two weeks. I missed my easel time & that keeps me in a place of dissatisfaction.

Living in NW Arkansas provides lots of inspiration for an artist...also lots of thunderstorms & a few tornadoes. In the last couple years, Me and my best friend Sandy, have lost a total of 4 major structures, and now, a roof. There has been countless other damage, along with ongoing battles with insurance. It's been incredibly stressful, but mostly, utterly exhausting. 2017 has proven to be just as volatile. A couple months back, the roof to my studio blew completely off. One bright spot, is that it does have a secondary flat roof on top. It was quickly repaired, or at least I thought, from any damage that had occurred. I discovered that has been leaking all along and now seeing some massive damage. Some good friends saved all the art and was kind enough to move it to their home. I've lost a major portion of the kitchen, as it was flooded and I didn't even know until it was over. Another week of major cleanup is behind and getting ready for another insurance battle...To be continued.

Through all of this, regular life still goes on. Major repairs still continue...other unexpected things as well. Then, the usual culprits of daily living. In all this, I have so missed my solitude with my brushes and paints. My time with my creativity is as natural to me as breathing. So, if that isn't available, I feel as though I've lost a major body part! Then, my only goal is to find a way back to my normal. Everything and everyone becomes a distraction in my mind,. If a major part of me is being neglected, I get complete tunnel vision to the point I miss out on the good things all around me. It makes for a total crabby pants!

2017 has also been a portfolio debut at Surtex. It sounds super positive, so far. Although, it remains to be seen how successful it will be. But, my hopes are high and I hope to attend within a couple years. My agent, Julie LaDow, along with her daughters, Jillian & Darrian, did a beautiful job representing my brand, not only at Surtex but the West Coast Art & Frame Show a few months back. I can't thank them enough for a job well done and the sacrifices they make to help us all succeed. There will soon be lots of new art, that had been previously prepared, that should be on the MainLine Art & Design website soon!

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